The E-Biking Takeover & Health Benefits

The E-Biking Takeover & Health Benefits

''E-bikers are doing no exercise at all'' is a common comment we've heard when people talk about the new phenomenon.  E-bikers however don't feel they endure any less physical exertion.

A recent Norwegian study found that city e-bike riders needed to exert 22% less energy than traditional bicycles, which is excellent for the older generation who may desire a bit more assistance, or if you want to try and cycle long distances. Of course, the less effort required doesn’t take away from the health benefits of riding an e-bike. E-bikes, very much like riding a traditional bicycle, lead to improved aerobic capacity, improved cardiovascular health and good blood sugar control. They provide a fantastic source of sustained aerobic exercise and the heavier frame allows for great strengthening of muscles, joints and bones, as well as increasing core strength.

Our avid reader Jacobine Scott used to cycle everywhere, it was her life exercise. However due to living in Edinburgh, a hilly city and her increasing age (with the knock on effects) she gave it up a few years ago, a ''tragedy''. Last year she invested in an E-bike and hasn't looked back. ''I have a smile on my face whenever I am on it. It gives me tremendous joy and helps my well-being. The best thing is that once again, I have no hesitation getting it out whenever I venture into the city and my car is back in the garage at home.''

Riders found that electric bikes more than doubled the average length of their trips from 4.8 to 10.3 kilometres and brought their average daily cycling trips up from 0.9 to 1.4. It is encouraging news; 89% of riders found it easier to exercise on an e-bike compared to a traditional bicycle and that they still experience physical effort 95% of the time. 

We've joined forces with Rebecca Hill to create an info-graphic for you, discussing such areas as:

  • Physical exertion through e-bikes
  • Comparison of physical activity- conventional vs. an e-bike
  • Improvement in people's health
  • E-biking duration among different age groups
  • Boost health/fitness

If you’re looking to plan a summer holiday to the French Alps to test out what all the fuss is about, just fill in a few details by clicking this link and we can get the ball rolling.  For now though, here are the glossy details!

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