The Mega Avalanche Charge

The Mega Avalanche Charge

Crazy, CrAZaAaY cats!

Oh, yes this is as crazy as it gets! Vaujany is also a great base for the world famous Megavalanche Challenge which took place last weekend and it did not disappoint! This event is the undisputed longest downhill race in the world. During this week Alpe d’Huez and the Grandes Rousses Massif becomes the focus for the entire MTB freeride world.

Picture by Laurent Salino (Alpe d'Huez)

1400 participants from more than 20 countries come together to take part in, compete and survive a week long MTB fiesta of practice, races and events before finally taking on the infamous Pic Blanc descent itself. Hurtling down a vertical drop of more than 2600m in the company of more than a thousand like minded thrill seekers is a truly unique experience. Just getting to the bottom in one piece and saying: “I did it” lives long in the memory!

Check out the crazy from this year

A few bruises and breakages may have been seen to say the very least!

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